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Posted by BungoTelevision - August 11th, 2020

Hello. Al Welch’s speaking. I’ve just been given a letter by my OC, Ally Bobcat, concerning the Root Beers comic series on its tenth anniversary year, folks. I, therefore, quotes the following...

To whom it may concern,

As you may aware, it was an awkward year for everyone here. And it was all because of one nasty, little virus, hogging us out of a peachy-keen summer.

While this was going on, we’ve been celebrating our web-comic strip, Root Beers, on its tenth anniversary. Well, being on deviantART anyway.

We started out this celebration with a serial special, in which one page or chapter, being put up on deviantART and the website, every day from 19th July until yesterday. And we’re planning some celebration stuff, by not only some ideas for an ideal crossover (Just a suggestion.), but also we’re also planning a special comeback.

First, we’ll be starting our comeback on 19th August 2020 with Midweek Root Beers, the lightly topical comic, made and uploaded on the same evening.

Then, starting on 3rd September, every Thursday, we’ll be finishing those unfinished Root Beers comics and put them up on deviantART and our website.

Then, starting on 27th October, we’ll be starting those Tapas comics again, with Throwback Tapas, finishing and uploading those comics from the previous year.

And finally, starting on 2nd January 2021, every Saturday, watch out of a fresh batch of jokes and comics as the original Root Beers returns on deviantART and the website.

But, of course, because of a public vote, Root Beers will not continue on FurAffinity, Tumblr, our Root Beers blog and InkBunny. Our blog will be used for news. We’ll use Tumblr for monthly Midweek Root Beers complications (and #FanArtFriday, of course), and we’ll use Inkbunny and FurAffinity for general artwork.

And speaking of FurAffinity, we’re planning a mini-series called ‘RBXXX’. It’s basically Root Beers, with some adult themes, such as nudity, sex and strong language. It’s coming soon to FurAffinity for mature audiences only. So, sorry kids.

Anyway, I do hope that this would keep you probably warmed up for the comic’s return to the internet, and I’ll probably see you real soon, at some point. 

So until then, stay safe, folks!

Kind regards,

Ally Bobcat (as spoken to Al Welch)

Posted by BungoTelevision - January 27th, 2020

(Yes, Wallie. It's been a year, eight months and twenty days since I've last updated the Newsflush and I'm considering this right now. So, do go away...)

Hello, there. Hope you're well. It's me, the real deal.

Now, a lot of things have happened to me since I've talked to you last.

  • Went and pledged a lot of Kickstarter projects.
  • I did a lot of walks around the suburbs of my city of Southampton, England.
  • I went on several trips outside Southampton, including Hythe, Romsey, Winchester, Portsmouth, Bishop's Waltham and even Reading.
  • I'm carrying on with volunteering at Board in the city, a community café with board games in Southampton, on Friday afternoons and Saturday afternoons.
  • Apologizing always for the lack of regular Root Beers comics and Tapas Root Beers comics
  • Carrying on with #FanArtFriday and birthday gift arts.

Hopefully, this short update will keep you informed until the next Newsflush (Hopefully in the next few weeks and NOT the next couple of years, folks.

Oh, and by the way, this is the first Newsflush, here on Newgrounds. Cool, right?

Kind regards,

Al Welch