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Hello, once again.

Yes, it's been two years, three months and ten days since I did the last Newsflush, and you folks ought to know what has been happening.

Remember when Ally Bobcat told you about the Throwback Root Beers that would happen? Due to university work and other things, they're about those unfinished comics that were written but have yet to be drawn and finished in time. But, on 25th August 2022, the Throwbacks were completed after one year, eleven months and twenty-three days. Success!

Anyway, I'm here to let you know what has been happening with Root Beers since I last blogged.

  • The Midweek Root Beers has to be cancelled because I can't think of anything light-hearted about the news. But I recommended looking up the Goodable news app, which can only cover good news without negativity and politics.
  • And here is some news on what I'm doing with the comic as I share this. The Root Beers on Tapas comic series is updated every Tuesday, using the method that I draw and upload the comic for next week while sharing the finished funny episode this week.
  • I'm also doing some layouts for this year's Root Beers Christmas serial special. Due to start on 16th December 2022, it was set in the year 1892, as the Elliott Christmas Party was about to go underway when the main course of the dinner, a turkey, was pinched, and so, it'll be a certain Christmas Mystery, yet.
  • Plus, more comics will come your way with the 12th season of the Original Root Beers, starting on 7th January 2023.

Well, this will give you an update on the future of the webcomic series, despite what's been happening in the world, for example, the passing of the Queen after seventy years of service, the FIFA World Cup, and Ukraine. (#SlavaUkraïni)

If you want to see more of me, I humbly invite you to check my socials and links at: https://bio.link/al_welch.

And now, if you excuse me, I've got to sort out the comics and the holiday stuff. The house shan't decorate itself, you know.

Kind regards,

Al Welch

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